Site optimisation impressions

Google Search Console и Yandex.Webmaster

Узнайте как ваш сайт представлен в результатах поиска и насколько легко его находят пользователи. Сервисы предлагают инструменты для отслеживания и анализа индексирования страниц сайта, его позиций в поиске и рекомендации для повышения его технического состояния.

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Configuring Analytics and Metrics

Find out how many people visit your site every day, receiving timely reports

Site optimisation visits
Site optimisation errors

Find out about the Malfunctions of your Site

Errors that have occurred on the site can be of different types: feedback forms failures, security problems, long page loading, etc. Find out how your website can become better, and be sure that it fulfills its function and benefits you

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Visitor route

Watch the movements of your users around the site, analyze their behavior, and find out what attracts them the most to it

Site optimisation stats
Site optimisation actions

Increasing Sales Level

Find the strengths and weaknesses of your website, fix them and increase your sales

Site optimisation sells
Site optimisation index

Search optimisation

We will connect web services that allow you to check the indexing status and optimize the visibility of your site in search results

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